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EPIC ARENA game project + Video

Hey fellows,

Long time no drop here, so clearly the moment is this that I can present you a small project of mine which I and several people did for 3 weeks. The project name is called EPIC Arena and it's prototype demo. One of the three weeks I've created the concept of the game and so the art for it. The prototype was done in Unity Engine and the idea of the game is to be an Online Multiplayer Arena with different game mode types and arenas. Of course I have high concept document with details around the project but I think it's not necessary to reveal it right now.

Some short synopsis with several images and a video:

What happens when a civilization is too far advanced to have discovered cable TV...
On an awfully boring Saturday night, the aliens from the advanced civilization of the Powsmack system are wondering what to do. At the time, bursting open the kegs of Galactic moonshine, aged since the Big Bang seemed like a good idea… Several star cycles later, when the hangover starts to fade, the surviving Powsmackians find out that their pet Space Worms have escaped and now the whole of the space-time continuum looks like a wormhole Swiss cheese. But, hey, every cloud has a silver lining. Venturing through one of the space tunnels, the aliens stumble across a small planet called Earth, and finally discover another sentient species!
Sentient? Ahem, hold on a sec… Well, at least those earthling must be friendly and spiritually evolved. Look at them, waving those crude iron appliances in a heartfelt “welcome” greeting… Bang! Ouch! Yikes! … Alright, alright, just forget about that… But still, at least those “humans” are funny. Maybe…
Eureka! The aliens gather the most amusing human specimens (all stories about shoving probes in unseemly places are greatly exaggerated!) and leave the earthlings to their devices. The concept of “Epic Arena” is born and the Powsmackians will never go bored again!
On specially constructed arenas across the system the human specimens will engage in what they do best – bashing each other’s heads in. There’ll be Action! There’ll be Entertainment! There’ll be a Clash of Titans! This is “EPIC ARENA”!

By Peter Petrov


Better quality : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdsxHrzeW3U


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